It Is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Wow, the 6th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a busy one with events all around the world!

If you can’t attend an event, you can still participate.
Here are some ideas

  • Take some free training. Lots of opportunities out there to learn about accessibility online.
    Check out

  • Try out a screenreader. There are a number of free/open source screen readers available for Windows users. One of the more popular ones is NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA). Take a bit of time beforehand to download the software and learn some of NVDA’s documented basic keystrokes.

    Mac users, you have a built-in screen reader called VoiceOver on your systems. Take some time to visit the site referenced to familiarize yourself with how to turn on VoiceOver and some of the basic keystrokes.

    Windows OS has a built in reader called Narrator and Chrome has ChromeVox

  • Go mouseless. Try navigating your favorite website with keyboard only navigation
  • Write some awesome alt tags. All images on the web are need to have alternative descriptions to help screen reader users. Write useful descriptions for your images.
It Is Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

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