Thank you!

Thank you everyone who attended and supported this year’s Olympia Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Here are the topics we covered and several links.
Expect expanded blog posts on each topic soon.

Screen Reader Demo

Other Assisted Technology Devices

Police Driven Accessibility Awareness

Existing RCW 43.41a.125 (2)(c) (updated 4/26/2016: Comment – This was removed when WaTech was formed in July 2015)
(c) Consider and incorporate wherever possible ease of access to electronic technologies by persons with disabilities. In planning and implementing new public electronic access projects, agencies should consult with people who have disabilities, with disability access experts, and the general public.

Section 508 Refresh & DOJ

Accessibility Testing

Software as a Service and Contractor Responsibility

Section 508 Procurement Playbook

Accessibility Hackathon

Thank you!

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